Friday, January 28, 2011

Studio One, Ailsworth.

Was commissioned for my first shoot at Studio One, near Peterborough a few days ago, I was very excited at the prospect of shooting somewhere new for a change.

The model for the day was Marie K Williams, who came all the way from Cardiff for the shoot.

The MAU was Sarina Conrad, and hair stylist Sarah Smith, of Nottingham, who did a great job with Marie.

I arrived later than i had hoped, we were booked for 2 pm, but i wanted to arrive early, which i did, but not as early as i had hoped, and everyone was there waiting fr me, which was nice, the girls were in the dressing room so I had chance to be shown round the building by Adi, resident tog and all round good chap.  The building is impressive, and i say that confidently, it has all the props, chairs, lights, space, backdrops, everything a photographer needs for a variety of shoots.

Marie, i have to say, was an absolute star, she looked gorgeous, despite not sleeping for 2 days before the shoot, bless her.

The shoot went smoothly, and we got a variety of different images, all in all a great days work.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Its been a long time coming, but i now have my own studio lighting =o)

The Interfit 2 head EX150 flash kit, which means i can now do home shoots, at models homes, sounds seedy but its not, im not going to start doing cheesy sleavy images of girls in their undies, no way, they will be tasteful and decent, but sensual and sexy too.

The kit itself is 2 heads, a 60x60 softbox, shoot through white brolly, 2 stands, but im planning on getting a third light, EXD200, slightly more powerful, as well as a large octobox, beauty dish, and barndoors with gels.

I have yet to use my new lights on a model, i have only had them for a few days, but i have done some images of myself, and here are 2.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking forward to 2011

I have a feeling its going to be a great year, one full of surprises and challenges.

I will certainly have a challenge ahead of me, as i am now properly self employed.

I had to take the plunge, I am tired of not finding work so i have decided to make my photography earn me a little bit of money, and i have more than a few ideas on how to make it.

I have recently bought a portable studio kit, 500w strobes with soft boxes, barn doors and shoot through brollys, with transmitters and receivers, everything i need to venture out into the home boudoir shoot market.

At the moment i am offerning photoshoots  for £15, yes, fifthteen pounds only, for 45 minutes, with 6 images which the models shall receive before the i leave.

Its an ideal present for any female who wants to give her lover an extra special valentines treat, sexy boudoir style images with low light and satin sheets.

I am available to travel throughout the east of England, although some journeys will require fuel expenses to be met.

Should you wish to learn more about these shoots then please vists my website at

I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve, but i shall reveal these when the time is right, its far too early to even mention or hint at them yet so for now i will stay shtum =o)

I think now is a good time to see some of my best images from 2010.

Kayleigh Christina, bless her, she arrived all flustered and full of flu, but she did well considering and i was pretty impressed with her.

The gorgeous Susie Hutson, always a fun shoot with Sue involved, really enjoyed working with her, her enthusiasm shows in every image, and she has a stunning smile, fantastic model, these images are from 2 separate shoots,  cannot wait to work with her again soon.

Some fetish images from Clare and Dina, these images required a lot of planning and concentration but were worth the effort i think.

And finally, Viktoria, who has been my rock in 2010, this was our tenth shoot for 2010, and the only shoot we did at the works studio. We have worked together numerous times this year and i have no doubt that we will do some more shoots in 2011, i certainly hope so, she is the perfect model and a joy to work with.

That about wraps it up for me for this year, its been emotional =o)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Its been a while since my last entry

Been a bit busy =o)

I will be making more entries in future though, more often than of late.

Since my last entry things have really stepped up a gear, and i am in the studio quite a bit now, and im getting somewhere with it, totally confident in the studio now, not fazed by anything.

I have quite a few shoots coming up between now and Christmas, so expect quite a few new entries here, as well as updates in my gallery on my official website

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Viktoria Shoot #3

Well we have now worked together four times, once as my MUA and 3 times as a model, and Viktoria never lets me down.

We had a warehouse to shoot in, but sadly its gone now, not literally, just we cannot shoot there anymore because the keys have been handed back. Gutted because it was an ace location with some great light.