Friday, January 28, 2011

Studio One, Ailsworth.

Was commissioned for my first shoot at Studio One, near Peterborough a few days ago, I was very excited at the prospect of shooting somewhere new for a change.

The model for the day was Marie K Williams, who came all the way from Cardiff for the shoot.

The MAU was Sarina Conrad, and hair stylist Sarah Smith, of Nottingham, who did a great job with Marie.

I arrived later than i had hoped, we were booked for 2 pm, but i wanted to arrive early, which i did, but not as early as i had hoped, and everyone was there waiting fr me, which was nice, the girls were in the dressing room so I had chance to be shown round the building by Adi, resident tog and all round good chap.  The building is impressive, and i say that confidently, it has all the props, chairs, lights, space, backdrops, everything a photographer needs for a variety of shoots.

Marie, i have to say, was an absolute star, she looked gorgeous, despite not sleeping for 2 days before the shoot, bless her.

The shoot went smoothly, and we got a variety of different images, all in all a great days work.

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