Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another New Camera?

Yep, been looking for a Voigtlander Vito camera for a couple of weeks now, on ebay obviously, well where else can i find vintage camera's nowadays? All the indie shops have all but closed now, so i have to seearch online.

I know i can visit camera fairs, and flea/car boot markets, but ebay is just convenient, and if one camera goes above the price i am willing to pay, well, there will be another along soon.

So, this Voigtlander, its a Vito C, from the delux range circa 1961. Looks a very tidy camera, been assured that it works ok. I have no image of my own to upload as yet obviously, but as soon as i coloect it i will put a picture of it online here.

Of course, i am not one of those collectors who buys something only not to use it, thats a waste of a good camera in my opinion, so i will definately use it possibly within days of purchase.

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