Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Word Gets Around.

Today i received an e-mail from a very local model who lives just a few moments away, who got in touch after seeing my images somewhere, requesting my time to photograph her in return for prints. For those who don't know, in the photography world this is known as TFP, time for prints.

Now i am not entirely sure how common this practice is. I know it goes on a lot, but when does one decide to charge?

It is mutual back scratching, i know that. It benefits both parties. I get some more great image's in my portfolio for free, as does the model. Everyone is happy.

Maybe i should not dwell on it too much and just concentrate on the shoot instead.

The images i have seen so far of this model have her doing glamour work. But after seeing my style of photography she says that she would like something a little more interesting in her portfolio, with clothes on.

That will not be difficult. She has an amazing body and really stunning looks, great eyes. Maybe i should focus on her eyes, do more close up facial shots from above etc etc.

I do prefer sensuality in images as opposed to blatant all out sexuality. Not having body parts on display, concealed beneath some sexy clothing, can be far more sexy than seeing everything there is.

Hopefully meeting this week to discuss the shoot and if all goes well then we can do the shoot very soon indeed.

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