Thursday, October 29, 2009

Todays Photoshoot with Melody

Melody, by Rob Alexander Photography

Today i had the pleasure of working with the lovely Melody, a local model who contacted me after seeing one of my portraits on my Net.Model profile.

We arranged to meet today at 2pm in the park in Wisbech.

The shoot went very well. Melody is so easy to work with, she moves subtly between poses and needed little direction from me, she knew what she was doing and what i was after. Her husband also came along but half the time i was not even aware of him, he just stood back quietly while we got to work.

We began in the town park, very colourful place right now, leaves of all colours scattered upon the park floor. As you can probably figure out, there was more than a few sets of eyes being cast in our direction. But shooting models in public places on a weekday always draws attention, i do hope this didnt put her off.

After the park we went down by the river, North Brink, where there are lovely old georgian buildings. The light here was great, it was great in the park as well, but by the time we reached the river the sun was lower in the sky therefore more golden, which suited her skin tones perfectly.

All in all it went better than i had anticipated. As i have stated already, Melody was great in front of the camera, very natural. Both her and her husband Chris are very easy going and chatty, very sweet, lovely people.

If you would like to offer Melody some work, im sure she wont mind me pointing to her profile, you can find the link on my website at

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  1. I liked the Flickr stream! The light was nice.