Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tomorrows shoot (sunday)

I have a photoshoot tomorrow very early in the morning, well at 9am, thats early for me.

Very pretty model, she is only seventeen, with long blonde hair and such expressive grey eyes.

The shoot itself is compromised of two parts, the happy shots and the moody shots.

The happy images will consist of the model acting playful for the camera, like a game of hide and seek. ~This will be done in the models hometown, around the canal area andthe town center.

The moody shoot takes place in the railway station, a very photogenic railway station at that. The image i am after is of the model looking pensive and thoughtful whilst sat on a bench, with a suitcase by her side. A simple image, and maybe a bit of a cliche, but thats alright by me.

Any other images from the shoot will be a bonus.

I was hoping to get permission to use one of the narrow boats by the canal but whe n i went down there yesterday there was nobody to be found, maybe because it is nearing winter. But no loss, there may be someone around tomorrow who will give me permission to use their boat.

Looking forward to the shoot, like i always do, and last night my head was buzzing with different ideas and images that i could create. I wont even bother trying to sleep tonight, just stay up and play with more idea's then head to the shoot tomorrow and get everything i want done, done.

So expect another entry very soon, with images from the shoot.

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