Friday, December 04, 2009

Drive and Ambition

Been into photography for over 20 years now, and i have flirted with most genre's. But i think i have now found the one thing that really drives me.

Fashion photography.

So far i have done straightforward location shoots, but im getting ambitious, very much so.

I am now moving in the right places, networking with the right people. This has allowed me to share my thoughts on some photoshoots i have in mind, and in doing so has generated a lot of interest in my forthcoming shoots.

I want to do more artistic stuff, Lady Gaga style shoots, weird and wonderful. I am now getting so many offers from models who want to take part that its getting silly. But i have more than a few shoots tucked away in a folder close by.

It never struck me until earlier on this morning, but i have suddenly become very ambitious, very driven, to the point where my mind is constantly on the job. And i love it.

And when those shoots i have in mind have taken place, i think there will be a sudden rush with willing models offering their time to work with me.

Far fetched? Consider this, yesterday one of the UK's top glamour models got in touch with me, requesting we work together. Already we have a shoot planned, although no date yet, i have other shoots before that one.

Im not gonna stop til i get the results i want.

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