Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shoot with Dannielle

Had my second studio shoot on friday, with Dannielle this time

Yes, thats Dannielle. 

Isn't she stunning?

The shoot was due to take place at 14:00 hours, meeting at 13:15, was at least ten to two by the time Dannielle arrived at the meeting point, not her fault, the road works in Wisbech are a bastard at the moment, there are diversions everywhere. Lynn Road is blocked off, meaning tailbacks for miles, and South Brink is blocked too, all very close and all very annoying to motorists. It took me half hour the other day to move 30ft, so i know how bad the conditions were for Dannielle, luckily i didnt get stuck in the traffick because i came from a different direction.

Anyway, we got there and i unloaded the car and we made our way up to the Studio. I was planning on being a bit more creative than last time, and i was. We did a cute lil lingerie shoot using bubbles and a lilac satin sheet, a very big sheet. Sadly the chap blowing the bubbles was terrible and i only got 2 decent images with bubbles, a let down but hey.

Dannielle bought a lovely sparkly silver dress to the shoot, so i thought it would be fun to shoot her against the silver reflector, It was a while before i got the exposure right, but i got there in the end and got some cracking images from it. But later on i thought the images looked too cold, so i warmed them up in photoshop to produce an almost gold look to the images, this worked well in my opinion, really lifted the images, and it looked natural as well.

An enjoyable shoot, stressed due to the traffic and every dickhead on the road doing 50mph, but we got there in the end and we got some great images from it.

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  1. very prety model really sexy. nice work here.