Monday, March 01, 2010

This fridays glamour shoot

This time with a different model. Myself and the model know what we are doing for the shoot, but i have a surprise in store for her.

We are doing a glamour shoot mainly, but there will also be some high key fashion images as well, but the glamour aspect is what im there for. And the surprise? Well i have acquired about 6 meters of lilac satin fabric, perfect for the glamour shoot. Obviously it will be used as something for the model to lay on, but i also plan on wrapping it around her and trailing the rest around the studio floor for a really eye catching look.

I will be mixing daylight with studio flash more in this shoot, instead of using the reflector to bounce the window light ill use a translucent brolly attached to the flash head, possibly use 2 for an even light.

The high key fashion images should be easy enough, silver brollys on the flash i think.

Should be a fun shoot, one i am looking forward to.

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