Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Selection of images from my latest shoots

It has been a while since i posted any images here, so do you notice anything different with my work? Yes, its improved =o)

I have learned a lot in these past few months, worked with some lovely models whom i thank from the bottom of my heart. And i have worked damned hard to get where i am now.

I am totally different now to how i was on my first shoot, i am very directional, very sure of my abilities also, and very relaxed on shoots. I enjoy my work 100%

I now have a steady and loyal fanbase, models who comment on my work constantly, sending me messages of support, expressing an interest to work with me, which is truely flattering, and i appreciate all the support i get.

Now i have my own style, my work is distinctively my work, from approach to colours, i now have a look that i love, and my work is getting darker, sometimes surreal, always strangely beautiful.


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