Monday, June 14, 2010

A weekend of glamour

Its a hard life being a photographer, specially working with beautiful females wearing gorgeous lingerie and generally looking stunning.

This weekend i again had the pleasure of working with Viktoria, and also with Kat, my first shoot with Kat.

The weekend began with Vik, we did a shoot in a warehouse nearby, and here are a few images from our shoot.

Viktoria is simply gorgeous, such a nice person, i could work with her all day long and not get tired.

Next up was Kat, and a long drive to Chesterfield, for a location shoot at Sutton Scarsdale Hall in Derbyshire.

Kat is a seasoned glamour model, and very sexy, it was an easy shoot until we got kicked out due to complaints about our work, and looking at the images, its a wonder we didnt get arrested.


Although we hadn't planned an adult shoot, it kinda went that way, Kat has no shyness so was well into this shoot.

Sadly i did not get to shoot Kez, we were gonna do it at the Hall but seeing as i had already been kicked out i did not want to risk going back and getting into even deeper trouble, but the journey was worth it in the end, Kat and i got some cracking images, would love to work with her again.

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